Pizzology is for the People

We are not here to serve pizza,
we are here to serve people.

We provide a place of comfort where all walks of life are able to come together + connect.

Our restaurant culture is unpretentious, our table service is unscripted + we believe in providing every guest with an authentic experience
– tailored to them.

Pizzology Brand


A message for our local
farmers & purveyors:

Your usage of sustainable farming and pastured-raised methodology allows us to deliver only the highest quality of food to our guests. Along with many other small businesses, you help our restaurant share awareness of good-health to everyone within the community.

Better food comes from better sources + we proudly partner with those who believe in wholesome production. Farming with integrity not only benefits our land + the wellness of our guests, but it simply tastes better.


Thank you for being our partner.