You could say Pizzology Craft Pizza + Pub is derivative of a Neapolitan-inspired restaurant. Not familiar with Neapolitan-style pizza? It’s quite simple; dough, tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and basil. Not coincidentally, this is one of our most frequently ordered pizzas! However, our signature pizzas here at Pizzology are nothing short of complex or creative. Since opening our doors in 2009, our pizza peel has been met with only the freshest and finest quality ingredients. Our small, from-scratch, kitchen creates pizza that holds true character.  

Even more than that, (I know, what could be more than pizza?) you’re met with hospitality right at the door, but it doesn’t end there. It pulls up a chair and remains throughout your whole dining experience. Whatever your occasion may be, you can count on Pizzology to be your tried-and-true host.

Our Mission

We exist to play an essential role in the daily lives of our regulars, while welcoming unfamiliar guests with a well-tailored experience. We provide a place of comfort where conversation and connections are made easy, all while enjoying the best flavors of the season, delivered from our scratch kitchen.

Our Vision

We believe everyone should be able to enjoy hand-crafted, Neapolitan-style pizza. Pizza that is wood-fired at 700+ degrees and garnished with the finest quality of ingredients. Ingredients that are full of color, high in nutrition, and are sourced from locally owned farms. Farms where the farmers believe in pasture-raised animals and sustainable farming methods. We imagine a place where people can enjoy all the benefits of upscale dining in a relaxed atmosphere with an unpretentious culture and unscripted, genuine hospitality.

What we value most

Our Secret Standard – We aren’t just serving tables and taking orders. We believe in tailoring every experience to the guest individually. We empower our staff to focus on positive guest interactions by providing unscripted, “in the moment,” service. After all, we are people taking care of people. Act natural, be personable, and start a conversation. The connection possibilities are endless. With a high standard for authenticity, our staff members can give each guest a memorable reason not only to revisit but share their experience throughout the community.

Quality From Our Kitchen – We are proud of our sources and what we deliver to the table. We stand behind our purveyors and farmers’ purpose of business. We and all our vendors believe in sustainable farming methods, family-owned businesses, and sourcing locally. We place great importance in knowing where our food comes from and want to be able to talk freely about our sources to guests. By sourcing locally, we can consistently provide our guests with ingredients that are not only a reflection of the season but are full of color, high in nutrients, and full of flavor. We humbly choose to serve only the freshest and finest quality of ingredients. That’s our wholesome promise here at Pizzology.

Developing People – We do not believe “one size fits all,” when it comes to the training process when onboarding a new employee. We seek to leverage generational diversity and capitalize on varied strengths and/or work styles. We’ve all experienced a generation-defining event that impacted our lives and contributed to the way we view the world, interact with others, and what we value in our jobs. This insight allows us to get the most out of our employees, while boosting their morale. Our goal is to provide a foundation for our young people to succeed and grow. Witnessing an employee evolve through employment, out grow their position, and depart onto a bigger venture is the greatest return on investment for us. Pizzology is for the people.